Gray Matter Matters

When would someone want an abortion? 

The obvious answer to that is: when you are pregnant. 

The follow-up questions is: what are you pregnant with? 

The obvious answer isn’t: a clump of matter. Likely the answer is:  a baby. It’s not too complicated.

But, of course, one of the most challenging issues for our culture and for individuals is abortion.  It usually sets off an emotionally charged controversy.

Wisconsin law now requires an ultrasound before abortions can be performed.  We will be able to do that ultrasound imaging soon at our Center.  We would like to invite our supporters and our skeptics to dig a little deeper into their gray matter and consider the implications of abortion decisions.    

Please take the time to view:  "180" Movie. ”180” has been called a half-hour of “video adrenaline,” an “emotional roller coaster,” and “mind-blowing.” This riveting, award-winning documentary carries a unique message in which you will see eight people change their minds in a matter of seconds…because they were asked one question.