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Valued Partnerships

Support group

New Life staff and volunteers offer prayers regularly for our partners  listed below

and for the countless other partners not listed - all of whom support our mission.

It Takes a Community!

New Life is largely a volunteer organization with volunteer base to support the work and offer prayers regularly; and a donor base that supplies the financing and much of the material needs for our boutique! We ABSOLUTELY could not do what we do without that support! We give the glory to God for bringing such great  and giving community of wonderful organizations, churches, and individuals together to provide for families!

The list below is only a featured representation
of our wonderful community of supporters- there are many more not yet listed.........

Featured Supporters

knights logo
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St Joseph's Catholic Church
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Barnes Community
Logo Grace Lutheran
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Knights of Columbus

Charity is at the heart of their work and their faith- and it always has been. For the Knights of Columbus, charity means supporting a virtually boundless variety of projects.  Our local Knights contribute funds to New Life regularly.

Since 2009, the Order has funded more than 1,500 ultrasound machines through donations from councils and the Culture of Life Fund. The Knights provided the current machine at New Life!!

When families struggle to clothe their children with warm coats in the winter, Knights of Columbus councils help meet this basic need with Coats for Kids and has done so recently for New Life.

We have been the recipieent of KOC grants each year that go a long way to providing the medical support we offer to those in need.


Element Church

After over a decade of being mobile as a family of believers, Element church was able to build and establish a home to help  reach the people  that don't associate with a church, and  serve as a place to worship, give  students a place to grow, provide a place for the hurting and hopeless to come and find help!

they bless this community in so many ways and for New Life they are part of our vital ministry!

Element's donations to New Life include regular financial support and most recently an amazing drive of baby gear, diapers, and other items for children to bless many families at New Life!


Grace Lutheran Church

October 2003 marked the beginning of Grace Lutheran Church with the celebration of its inaugural worship service on October 5th. The first service was held in what is now Grandma’s Too Day Care.

Their Mission is stated here:

 “Teach the Truth of the Word for the glory of God.

Grace Lutheran contributes to New Life in multiple ways. Donations come as financial and material support and their prayers life up our families! Most recently a groupd of deidicated folks helped  with the demo on our new location.


St Josephs Catholic Church

St Josephs is the main campus for the Hayward Area cluster of parishes located in Hayward, Cable, Stone Lake, Reserve, and New Post. 

The individudal parishes within this cluster put great effort into focused prayer, raising funds, and donating needed items to various charities, including New Life!  They live their faith and as a result  contribute much  to the well-being of area families in need!

Last year, New Life was the recipient of funding through St Joes participation in the Baby Bottle Campaign,  with proceeds from the fish fry events ( this year too!) and also much needed financial contributions from the church throughout the years!


Barnes Community Church

The cornerstone of Barnes Community  Church reads, “To God Be the Glory.” The church is a non-denominational church of the Christian faith that adhers to traditional Biblical values and theology.

This fellowship of believers is committed to outreach and among the many activities they engage          ( food shelf, prayer partnering, discipleship, and so much more) they regularly contribute financially to New Life as well as particpate in our fundraising events. We greatly appreciate their dedication to demonstrating the glory of God by supporting New LIfe ministry to families in need.


Spider Lake Church

Spider lake church is a dynamic church located in Hayward, WI. Their beliefs are based on the Bible and centered on Jesus Christ. Their mission:

 To lead people to honor and glorify Jesus Christ.

They are about about helping people from all backgrounds discover the joy that comes from knowing and serving Jesus Christ.

They have faithfully brought impact to the families at New Life by providing donations, regular prayer, bible study at our location and much more! - all demonstrating their committment to their mission.

New Life families knowthere is a community of supportbehind our center!And many recognizethe glory goes to God!!

I cannot believe people of this community care so much! The beautiful quilt given to me for my child makes me cry when I think that there are people out there who want to help me take care of my family!  I know it took time and effort to make this beautiful gift!! New LIfe shows me all the time that there really is such a thing as a community caring about others! 

New Life mom with new baby

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