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Reproductive Loss

The loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, or through continued unsuccessful efforts at family planning can lead to intense feelings of sadness and grieving, referred to as reproductive loss or reproductive grief.

These emotions can be complex and difficult to process, and many women often suffer alone, especially when this loss occurs before they have shared the news that they are pregnant with friends and family.  

You are not alone as you face the aftermath of reproductive loss. Healing and hope are possible. Whether you have experienced miscarriage, abortion, adoption, infertility, or stillbirth, grieving is essential for recovery. We are here to walk alongside you.

We can walk with you through the healing journey.

You are seen, you are supported, and what you are going through is valid.

You are stronger than you know, and reaching out for support is a brave and positive choice. We are here for you.

People’s experiences and emotional reactions to reproductive loss can vary widely, and not everyone will feel the need for healing or counseling. However, for those who do, there are various resources and compassionate, non-judgmental providers available to assist in the healing process.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing after reproductive loss. Nor is it one-and-done. The goal is to help individuals move forward in a healthy and emotionally balanced way filled with hope toward the future.

We can support you in building the path that fits your journey. Call today!

Give yourself permission to feel.

Allow yourself the grace and time to feel everything you need to feel. It is important that you treat yourself with patience, kindness, and compassion, and recognize the only way forward is through. 

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