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The New Life Team-
Staff, Volunteers, and Board Members

At  New Life Resource Center, we are a team dedicated to helping families every step of the way. Our team includes medical professionals, parent mentors, and volunteers who work together to provide support and care for families in need. We believe in a strength-based approach that empowers families to overcome challenges and thrive.


Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are an essential part of the work we do at New Life Resource Center. They dedicate their time,energy, and unique skills to supporting families in need in so many different ways, and we are so grateful for their contributions.  If you are interested in volunteering with us, please email with the link above or contact us at 715.634.2681.

New Life Board

Northwoods New Life

Dave Innerebner ( Chair), Tamara Thimm ( Treasurer), Sheri Henry (Vice-Chair), Julie McCallum, Shirely Dietz, open, open, open, open

The New Life Board is a working and active board. Board members are involved in committees and other functions outside of the monthly board meetings.


Monthly meetings occur at the  New Life Center the second Tuesday of each month at 5pm.

Dave I

Tamara T

Sheri H

Julie M

Shirley D

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