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New Life Resource Center Board Information

Being a pregnancy & family center board member is a high and holy calling!  God brings together a group of ordinary people from different backgrounds and walks of life to serve on pregnancy & family center boards.  And it is amazing what He accomplishes through them- babies are saved, hearts are healed, lives changed, and the gospel is shared and sometimes accepted.  Board members are people who love Him, are passionate about pro-life and sharing the gospel; and they have answered His call to serve.

Our Mission

The mission of the New Life Resource Center is to affirm the value of life by providing the support needed for those affected by pregnancy or family life issues .

Our Vision

To demonstrate the love of Christ to women and men experiencing unplanned pregnancies & family life issues by equipping them for the challenges of parenting and family life.

What Does It Mean to be a Board Member at New Life?

 Board members typically are not chosen for their skill at "board membering," but rather other areas of expertise, connection, or ministry they bring to the table. This means board members, especially new ones, know there are essential things they must do, but won't necessarily know what they are or how best to do them. One of the most common questions we hear from board members is, “What do I do? What does my role encompass?”

If you're a new or prospective board member asking this question, one of the best places to find the answer is the center’s bylaws and Board Policy Manual. Here you will find direction that will guide you towards understanding your role as a board member along with some key board responsibilities, including officer duties, committee job descriptions, as well as your spiritual, ethical, and fiduciary responsibilities. Taking a good long look at the center’s mission and vision statements and Organization Chart are also excellent steps towards clarifying, knowing, and fulfilling board roles and responsibilities.

Each of these essential areas includes a whole host of specific information. Take finances for example. A key aspect of pregnancy & family center board work is having a clear understanding of the financial status and progress of the organization's funding and donor development. While much of the responsibility falls on those on the Finance Committee and the Board Treasurer, all board members should know how to speak into general financial oversight, fundraising, financial planning, and budgeting. Additionally, board members should have a working understanding of financial reports, policies and procedures for banking, book keeping and record keeping and the control of fixed assets and stock. This information often isn’t intuitive however, so it is paramount that board members ask clarifying questions and work towards understanding such matters.   Attending and participating in the board meeting is essential but not the only task of a working board. Board members also meet in committees that work on specific tasks ( finance, personnel,  marketing & fundriasing) and are freqent public speakers in the community to engage others in the mission and vision of the center. 

 With everything ministries depend on board members to accomplish, one duty that can easily get swept under the rug is board fundraising. Resource development is a crucial component of board service. Board members each make a commitment to provide the organization with the resources it needs to thrive, and fundraising is a major part of that. A culture of enthusiasm for board fundraising is imperative for supplying the organization with the resources it needs to pursue its mission.

Often the most important “essential” for a pregnancy center board member is clear and effective communication. Board members are presented with many opportunities that call for clear communication - for example, you may likely be asked to share your passion for the work at a church or community group, provide clear notes following a committee meeting, or simply express your thoughts and ideas in regular board meetings. An often overlooked aspect of communication, however, is learning to hear others first. Listening to your fellow board members with open hearts and minds, and pursuing unity even in heated discussions and dissent are essential to the health of the organization you love and serve.  

If you're thinking, "I get what we're supposed to do, but how does my board get there?" you're not alone.  There can be a disconnect between knowing what these essentials are and being able to effectively put them into practice in specific situations. As a new board member you will be asked to complete online training offered to provide background to board membership for pregnancy and family centers. The modules are short and easy to complete. We ask that they be completed within the first 60 days of joining the board. They can be accessed from any location via the internet and can be accessed 24/7 any day.

Board Openings

Currently there are openings on the New Life board.   If you or someone you know are interested, please fill out the documents (available to the right of this) and return them through the email to the right.  Interviews will be onging until positions are filled.

We are currently looking for people who have expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Non-profit board service where you actively participated (Christian boards, church boards, other non-profits that serve families) 

  • Business financial management

  • Legal expertise 

  • Maternal & infant medicine

  • Christian counseling

  • Discipleship

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