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Parents Facing Prenatal Diagnosis Have a New Support Resource

8/28/23, 9:00 PM

COLUMBUS, OH - Prenatal Diagnosis Initiative (PDI), a working group of pregnancy support organizations, has launched its website. This resource serves parents facing a prenatal diagnosis and gives them access to accurate information on prenatal genetic screening and diagnostic testing, support resources, various prenatal diagnoses, and pregnancy options. Contributors to the website include Heartbeat International and Option Line, Charlotte Lozier Institute, Her PLAN, Be Not Afraid, and String of Pearls.

The website also links users to Heartbeat International’s 24/7 pregnancy-related helpline, Option Line, that connects parents facing a diagnosis to a Parent Care Coordinator (PCC) in their region. PCCs are trained to provide trauma-informed care to parents throughout the rest of their pregnancy and for one year following birth. This care includes help navigating medical options, advocating for their baby, developing a plan for birth and newborn care, offering grief support, and more.

PDI recognizes that parents who have received a prenatal diagnosis are facing unexpected challenges and they deserve care and support as they contemplate the next steps for themselves, their baby, and the rest of their family. The website was born out of a desire to provide medically accurate, trauma-informed information to parents or family members who may be searching after receiving a positive screening or diagnostic test result. Option Line and its connection to a PCC will help meet the needs of those parents with compassionate care and support.

“After fourteen years of supporting parents carrying to term following a prenatal diagnosis, our organization recognized the need to develop a professional training program that was trauma-informed, research-based, parent-centered, and life affirming.  We feel blessed to support other organizations in the development of services which address the crisis of a prenatal diagnosis with comprehensive support, and we are very happy with the feedback we are getting from those who have completed the Be Not Afraid Parent Care Coordinator Training,” said Tracy Winsor, Be Not Afraid Co-Founder and Parent Program Director.

“Upon receiving a positive prenatal test result, parents deserve to receive the best information available regarding carrying their child to term and an offer of support in walking the journey. I've seen firsthand the positive impact for children, families, and communities.” - Gary Thome, Heartbeat International board member and PDI founding member


Prenatal Diagnosis Initiative is a collaboration of Heartbeat InternationalOption Line, Charlotte Lozier Institute, Her PLAN, Be Not Afraid, and String of Pearls. Learn more at

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