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Parent Support with Caring Mentors: Mom to Mom / Dad to Dad

New Life mentors have traveled the path of parenting and will walk alongside you on your parenting journey. Moms with Moms and Dads with Dads. And for grandparents raising grandchildren our Program Director is our resident grandmother and is happy to meet with you as well!

New Life uses a combination of resources to bring up-to-date parenting and child development education and information through evidenced-based curriculums shared by our mentors with you.
Our Bright course service has over 200 videos covering prenatal , birth, child development, and parenting in many areas. They also address financial education such as budgeting and credit card use; jobs seeking, inteviewing and other job-related skills. Videos are also available for specialty areas such as ADHD, autism, abuse, divorce and custody issues and relationships.
Our mentors are parents and have walked a smilar path. They work with our Program Director to connect you to addtional resources and we are quick to share our partner agencies offerings and even award earn-while-you-learn points when you use them- for use in our Boutique.

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