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Limited Medical Support

New Life Medical support for pregnant women includes pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, prenatal and post-partum education provided by registered nurses. STI testing for men and women and a 24/7 nurse chat line is also in place.

Pregnant women or those unsure if they are pregnant are welcome to call and schedule an appointment with one of our registered nurses for pregnancy testing and/or limited ultrasound and options counseling when making choices regarding pregnancy. We offer the choice of prenatal education on a regular basis and one of our nurses will mentor a new mom througout the entire pregnancy and post-partum period. This allows a pregnant mama a chance to ask questions and receive advice each week from their nurse mentor as they are making healthy choices for themselves and baby.
STI testing and treatment is available for men & women as well as advice about healthy choices when sexually active.
A 24/7 nurse line provides up to date information answering questions no matter the day or time of day and referrals can be made 24/7 as well! Nurse line communication options include video, text or phone to discuss concerns or ask questions.
All services are free and open to anyone.

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