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Earn While You Learn

Points are awarded for New Life programming and for using outside programming and services provided by many area agencies who also support families. The points may be used in our Boutique for a variety of adult and child needs.

Curriculum used at New Life includes BrightCourse offerings which are a compilation of several evidence based curriculums; The Nurturing Program series; Boundaries with Kids; 24/7 Dads; and One Heart, Two Homes for divorced/co parenting. Outside activities that earn points include workshops at Northwest Connections, WIC, Minomajesewiin, prenatal and well-baby checks, church family activities and much more.
The boutique is filled with new and gently used gear, clothing, diapers and wipes for babies, toddlers and children with a limited amount of clothing and hygiene supplies for men and women as well.
Contact us today at 715.634.2681.

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