Such an amazing thing for our community! We love the picnic table and classes. I love being able to donate items and earn items. Thank you for all you do at New Life!
Super helpful staff who truly care! A great place for support and learning!
“As soon as we pulled in, I recognized the building, but realized, I must not pay attention when I drive by because New Life truly was there. The office was very welcoming, with a smiling face behind the desk that made me at ease right away. They were truly happy I was there and wanted to get to know me.

My first day, I got to dive right in and start the curriculum about my baby’s development, which was none too soon because my due date seemed to be looming nearer and nearer without me realizing it. My husband even came with me on a few days, and there are specific lessons for fathers as well. Thankfully, before my baby was due, I was able to learn about her development and proper nutrition during pregnancy. I went on to learn about breastfeeding and things I would like to do (no, HAVE TO know) to be a successful mother.”

About halfway through my pregnancy I was put on bed rest due to complications. This is when I realized the cost of baby items and was worried about how I was going to afford everything that my daughter needed. I then realized how important the points could be for me.
I continued taking classes whenever I could. i used my points to completely decorate my daughter’s nursery. i also used my points to get many items including a baby bath, a high chair, clothes, wipes, and the biggest cost of all: diapers!
My daughter is now 8 months old and I have only had to buy three boxes of diapers in all this time. This is a huge help financially for me since she had refused a bottle, forcing me to stay home.
with me being a stay home mom I don’t get a lot of adult interaction so going to the monthly Picnic Table is huge for me... i have made wonderful friends through this monthly program.
The staff and side-by-sides have become my friends and my supporters; they make me feel so welcome at the center and makes excited to come visit and learn each and every week.
Wonderful atmosphere couldn’t feel more at home!!! I not only like getting new things but learning more about God and parenting skills!!!!
Always supportive and helpful. They are so welcoming and encouraging. I have never felt judged or rejected when I was there.
I highly recommend this for anyone struggling with any type of illness, support system, relationships, fears, doubts, life situation’s, and most importantly your own relationship with God and yourself!!!! I can’t wait to attend another part of my work at Northwoods New Life; Not only do you earn points for your children but it is an AWESOME LEARNING experience in LIFE!!!! I highly recommend this to anyone out there that could use help or just are looking for help within themselves or whatever it may be!!