We have a new staff member!


We have a new staff member! As many of you know, Yanelis will be moving this summer, we would like to welcome Amber Gaier who will be taking over Yanelis’s position. Amber will be working closely with clients and handling other communications as our Client and Relations Coordinator and will be training under Yanelis until she leaves. We hope you get a chance to stop in and meet her. Here is a little bit about Amber:

“In the windy state of North Dakota, I was born and raised. After attending North Dakota State University, I received a degree in dietetics and passed my boards to become a registered dietitian. The year following graduation, I worked as a dietitian in a hospital in Fargo. I met my husband while I was home one summer, as he bought a house across the street from my mom in my tiny hometown of ~550 people. He was born and raised in Hayward, so we both knew we would always end up here. Fast forward a couple years, we got married and now live in the beautiful Northwoods! My favorite part so far has been the trees, and how the snow sticks to them; however, I’m looking forward to kayaking and hanging out at the lakes once it melts! I can’t wait to meet you all and get to know you better!”