A Note From Our Director

Blog June 6, 2016

It is always surprising when I am asked what we do at Northwoods New Life Resource Center.  I assume everyone knows we do so many things!

Over the past months we have greatly expanded our activities.  We not only offer free informative brochures and pregnancy tests, we provide points for dvd curriculum on being single, married or a parent, but everything in-between.  The “in-between” covers issues dealing with teen decisions, fatherhood, budgeting, positive relationships, SIDs, first-aid, healthy boundaries, child discipline, baby sleep challenges, post-partum depression, toddler tantrums and spiritual questions.  All the earnings can be spent in our Baby Boutique or on grown-up things like date night treats and books.

Every third Tuesday at 11 a.m. moms and dads gather for Mommy Time.  Everyone does a craft, snacks and chats.  It has become a favorite!

There's a lot to smile about at the Center!