A Note From Our Director

May 31, 2016 Blog

Memorial Day weekend offers each of us a little marker for reflection.  There is so much to be thankful for in each day.  As my heart began to count my blessings these past few days, it landed on one of my biggest joys.

Whenever a client walks into our Center, I am reminded of what a privilege it is to be a part of their life.  No matter what circumstance, age or frequency, those who come to us have done something quite remarkable.  They have decided to do meaningful and productive good with their time.

We, at New Life, believe in honoring the purposes of God for us all.  His gift to us as humans is an ironic truth principle:  my life for yours.  Of course, Jesus is the perfect example of this—giving us His Life when we surrender ours.  But, in everyday ways the  same exchange is worked out., and it is powerful.  When a father toils at a job to support his family; when a mother wakes up in the dead of night to feed her baby; when a teen reserves sexuality for that one forever person; when a young adult takes classes rather than drugs—those are the grit and substance of sacrifice. 

It brings me great satisfaction to watch and hear of those ordinary, but extraordinary, choices in our midst every day.  When our door dings, it signals something quite remarkable in a culture that so often revolves around self.  It is the demonstration of quite the opposite—and it makes me smile every time!