A Note From Our Director

This past week the person who told me about Jesus passed away—from this earth she escaped her cancer-ridden body to be present with the Lord.  She introduced me to one of my favorite authors, Elisabeth Ellliot.   I would like to share a passage from Elisabeth’s book,  A Lamp for My Feet, in honor of my friend who is now in heaven.  We all have hurts—maybe our readers can use some encouragement to turn them over for healing.

Wounds Can Change Your Heart.

           Living in a world broken by sin, we suffer wounds of many kinds.  Perhaps the most painful are not the physical ones but those of the heart.  No one has power to hurt us more deeply than somebody we love, somebody we counted on to understand and support us.  But there are two ways to receive wounds.  One leads to larger life.  The other leads straight to death, that is to destruction—of those we influence as well as of ourselves.

           By grace we can receive the wounds of our friends as our Master received them—in the strength and for theglory of our heavenly Father.  Being sinners ourselves, however, we need to be brought low at the cross.  Nothing will do this better than some piercing heart-wound, provided we seek Christ because of it and pray to Him to purify us.

           There is another way—the world’s way.  It is anger, resentment, retaliation, retreat in to pride and self-justification.  These are quite natural, and quite lethal.  The choice is ours.