In Response to "County's High Teen Pregnancy Rate..." Article in Sawyer County Record, April 13, 2016

Northwoods New Life Resource Center here in Hayward is aware of the high teen pregnancy rate, and also many beyond the teen years who are faced with unplanned or planned pregnancies in need of more support.  As Gullingsrud rightly concluded, “There’s no magic bullet.”

When this community thinks about our Center, they probably do not realize we are not just pro-life –- in favor of saving the lives of the unborn.  We are committed to affirming all of life for a reason:  human beings are made in the image of God.  We are created for meaningful relationships that reflect the Designer’s best for us.  When we encounter statistics about our children that are disturbing, we need to examine whether what we have been doing is really working.  The facts obviously show a change is needed.  It seems prudent to pause and reflect on the message we, as adults, parents and role models, are bringing to the next generation.

It is ironic that Planned Parenthood, through their SIECUS educational arm has penetrated schools and government agencies because they have sold the false idea that they deliver a non-religious, values “neutral” message.  Their message is man is the measure of all things; there is no right and wrong, only what is right for you.  That is their philosophical foundation, and it carries with it a sermon more powerful and accessible than any church could dream of.  Our children have learned that lesson despite many parents diligently teaching something different.  It is a very mixed-message, and it should be no surprise that our kids are in trouble. 

The only way a community can change the petri dish our young people germinate in is if we help them understand that their value and worth are determined not by their own self-esteem or culture; they were made by God who has left for them boundaries that protect and enhance their life.  Those standards are meant to offer health and freedom for them in so many ways for very formative years and beyond. What a difference a unified, convincing voice around them would make.  Maybe we should try that.