Puzzle Pieces

Northwoods New Life Resource Center has a diverse DVD curriculum which earns points that may be used in our Baby Boutique and Bookshelf Store.  We have, for years, provided topic choices on:  pregnancy, parenting of newborns to teens, personal health and safety.  Beginning in 2016, we added: Fatherhood, Finances and Positive Partnerships.  We have given hundreds of clients physical and emotional assistance. In April, we will bring another point-packed addition: Puzzle Pieces. This section will address the spiritual interests of those who desire a deeper understanding of who they are and why their lives matter. Each of its options was selected because it addresses a common objection to Christianity.  Because they require more thinking and soul-searching, each topic earns double the points. Each Puzzle Piece is designed to take the heart and the mind together into 45 minutes of challenging, informative presentations.  Come in and join us for some adult conversation!


Puzzle Pieces (in order): 

#1:  The Problem of Truth
#2:  Who was Jesus
#3:  Is the Bible Trustworthy
#4:  The Problem of Miracles
#5:  Are Science and Faith at Odds
#6:  The Problem of Exclusivity
#7:  The Problem of Suffering
#8:  The Problem of Hell
#9:  The Problem of Sexuality
#10:  The Problem of Hypocrisy
#11:  Are You Free
#12: How Love Really Wins