A Note From Our Director



Not by a long shot.  I wish I had dreamed up the analogy, but it was actually Francis Chan that did.   Since each of us is an eternal being, one end of the rope (above) goes out forever.  The dark segment, at the other end, is our life here on earth.  Everyone has a final destination . . . either in the presence of God or apart from Him.  Sometimes we spend much of our time preoccupied with trivial distractions that mean nothing in the eternal realm.  It is a reminder to consider carefully, as we look at the length of our years, where we are headed.   And are we investing ourselves in the things that really matter?  We, at Northwoods New Life, are doing life together, urging one another on in the pursuit of the lasting Kingdom we were made to experience.  Come join us, whatever your wonder or wherever you find yourself!