Compass Institute



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The Compass Institute is where learning about real life, personal responsibility and education work together to grow wisdom into successful living.  The Compass Institute offers individualized DVD class options and community experience which culminate in receiving a TRAILHEAD TREK, PINE PASS or TRUE NORTH reward.   Begin the journey and gain the life understanding needed to become discerning and equipped to make decisions that bring personal satisfaction and joy to others.

How do I enroll in The Compass Institute? 

It’s easy!  If you are new, just sign up!  Your Side x Side can help you get started.  If you are a regular client, you can become a student by signing up and using the DVD’s you already viewed to figure out which subject categories you have to complete. 

Do the points I earn still buy things from the Baby Boutique or the Bookshelf Store?

Absolutely yes!  Your points work to buy things as usual.

Are there any changes in the point system once you enroll in the Institute?

Yes.  The Institute requirements are a little more defined.  For example, if you are not enrolled in the Institute, you do not have points deducted if you don’t show up for your appointment.  As an Institute student you will have two points deducted from your running total if you do not let the Center know within two hours of your appointment, and you don’t show up.

What are the DVD choice categories for?

Our Institute puts emphasis on becoming a well-rounded human being.  The categories address the whole person.  Some of the DVD options are for the broad understanding they present, not necessarily for the application specifically to the individual’s present situation. 

Besides the Trailhead Trek, Pine Pass and True North Certificates, what else does an Institute participant receive?

The Certificates themselves are meaningful. They validate all the hard work and persistence the student has shown to become more mature and knowledgeable.  In addition, the Trailhead Trek Certificate comes with $25 worth of Chamber Bucks’ The Pine Pass Certificate comes with $75 worth of Chamber Bucks.  Anyone who reaches True North receives $200 worth of Chamber Bucks.  


Interested?  Come in and see the maps that lead you on this adventure!