A Note From Our Director

Northwoods New Life recently adopted the phrase “Doing Life Together” to remind us of why we exist.  Sometimes we need to reflect and express what a privilege it is to join others on this journey we call life.  It is a delight to get to know those who come in and share their lives with us.  So many we meet have faced huge obstacles and challenges.  But, we see individuals determined to make good decisions one at a time.  We are witnesses of that power to change.  We have seen women give up alcohol for the sake of their unborn child.  Men have decided to switch up the way they budget or relate to their family.  We have clients who question the meaning of things and whose desire it is to figure out what has gone wrong in their lives and how to bring good out of it.  We are proud of each one who opens our door—that is an unselfish sacrifice of time and a commitment to invest in the things that really matter.  We offer huge opportunity to learn through our DVD curriculum and a way to earn essentials, and also those treats that make our days better.  We listen and share sorrows and also many joys.  As Director at New Life, I want to say thank you to those who step into our world as we are doing life together.