Welcoming our New Director!

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We feel incredibly blessed to welcome Emily as the New Life director! She has been serving at the Center for about eight years in different roles: as side by side, on the board of directors and as our ultrasound nurse. We are thankful for her leadership and passion for our mission! Here is a little bit about Emily: 

"I grew up in Esko, MN, and lived there until graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Superior with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  While in college I was blessed with an amazing little boy who changed my life and solidified my relationship with Christ.  A couple years later I met my husband, who lived in Hayward, WI, and did not want to move!  I moved to Hayward in 2009 after we got married and did in-home care for a short time before opening up my own in-home daycare.  I started volunteering at Northwoods New Life Resource Center (then called the Northwoods Pregnancy Resource Center) in 2010 helping with events and eventually became a peer-counselor and joined the Board of Directors.  I was blessed to be able to stay home with our children but after five years decided to go back to school to be a nurse.  I graduated from WITC-Ashland and work at a hospital in the OB department.  As a Registered Nurse, I was able to be trained to perform limited ultrasounds at New Life, which I love doing because of my life story (ask me about it!).  I am so excited to step into the Director role at New Life and to see where God takes this ministry!"

Join us welcoming Emily to her new role whenever you stop by the Center!! 

Diaper Drive 2018

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We are holding a diaper drive to help our local families with this need. Diapers are expensive and put a strain on families. At New Life, families come in and take lessons on pregnancy, parenting, relationships, boundaries, budgeting, and more. They use the points they earn through education on baby items such as diapers. They are popular items and go quick. Help us keep up with this need! We can use all diapers New Born through size 6.

Drop off a package of diapers sizes NB-6 and receive a drawing slip for each package donated!

Drawings for prizes will be held on Thursday, May 11th.
We will be drawing for gift certificates to local businesses and restaurants!

10045 N State Rd. 27, Suite 300 Hayward, WI 54843
Call 715.634.2681 | Text 715.699.5938 | www.nwnewlife.org

We have a new staff member!


We have a new staff member! As many of you know, Yanelis will be moving this summer, we would like to welcome Amber Gaier who will be taking over Yanelis’s position. Amber will be working closely with clients and handling other communications as our Client and Relations Coordinator and will be training under Yanelis until she leaves. We hope you get a chance to stop in and meet her. Here is a little bit about Amber:

“In the windy state of North Dakota, I was born and raised. After attending North Dakota State University, I received a degree in dietetics and passed my boards to become a registered dietitian. The year following graduation, I worked as a dietitian in a hospital in Fargo. I met my husband while I was home one summer, as he bought a house across the street from my mom in my tiny hometown of ~550 people. He was born and raised in Hayward, so we both knew we would always end up here. Fast forward a couple years, we got married and now live in the beautiful Northwoods! My favorite part so far has been the trees, and how the snow sticks to them; however, I’m looking forward to kayaking and hanging out at the lakes once it melts! I can’t wait to meet you all and get to know you better!”

Joining the fight against human trafficking

Here at New Life, we care about our community and feel responsible to raise awareness about issues that might affect the well-being of our families and young ones. Here is a press release published on 01/25/18 that talks a bit more about what we are doing to join the fight against human trafficking! Stay tuned for education opportunities and stop by our office for resources & info about the issue. 

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New Office Manager


We just welcomed a new Office Manager to the Center this past week! We are excited to have Bobbi Metcalf joining us. Bobbi just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from University of Northern Iowa and looks forward to using her knowledge at the Center. Don’t worry, Yanelis hasn’t gone anywhere, she is just focusing more on our relationship and resource aspect of the Center. We hope everyone gets a chance to stop in and welcome Bobbi to Hayward!

Community Opportunities


At New Life, we believe in the importance of doing life together in community. This is why we are partnered with a few other organizations in the area.  Clients can earn Life Skill points for attending programs and events with these organizations. So far, we are partnered with Northwest Connection Family Resources, LCO Head Start, and FoodShare Employment and Training.  We are always looking for ways to develop new partnerships to offer more for our families. All of these events and programs are free.

Northwest Connection Family Resources offers play groups, parent cafes, and various learning opportunities each month. They are also a great resource for finding quality childcare or becoming licensed yourself.

LCO Head Start has great community events and family nights that they host on a regular basis.

FoodShare Employment and Training offers classes on job skills and resume building. They have people there to help you and coach you as you search for a job and learn new job skills. FSET can also provide transportation assistance, and help purchasing required uniforms for a new job.

If you would benefit from any of these resources, stop in or call the Center for more information. You must be signed up as a client to earn points. It’s a quick and easy process to get signed up!

For anyone interested, we also host a once a month event called the Picnic Table that is open to anyone. You do not have to be signed up as a client to attend, but must sign up if you want to earn points for attendance. The Picnic Table is a great way to meet families and do a craft. We also have volunteers that help with childcare so you can relax and get to know other families.



A Note From Our Director


Sometimes life gets pretty challenging.  One of my favorite authors, Elisabeth Elliot, has advice I have followed when the road gets rough:  just do the next thing.  When I would rather wallow in self-pity or keep my eyes on my circumstances, I am nudged forward by the understanding that my God is with me.  He is for me, not against me.  His desires for me are always good, to prosper my soul and my whole being. 

I received Jesus as my Savior when I was 35, so I began my journey with Him.  As I continue to move forward, His Word is my map.  They Holy Spirit has sealed me forever, so my good works are only a reflection of Him in me.  I don’t have to earn favor with my Heavenly Father.  I am now His child.  I exchanged my old self for the new self in Christ.  I need no longer fear where the path ahead leads.  With all the twists and turns of life, I can boldly trudge through -- I just need to keep doing the next thing.

Maybe your next step is toward New Life.  We are doing life together here.  Whatever the hurts, the difficulties or the desires are, we will walk alongside.  We gather sojourners at our Center.  We welcome the company!

A Note From Our Director


Northwoods New Life Resource Center is excited about our new ultrasound room:  Pinecone Porch!  We have been working, with the help of volunteers and donations, on all the details to make it possible to peek into the mysterious, beautiful world of the unborn.  We have been painting, recovering furniture, stocking up on supplies and organizing schedules so that our grown up clients and little ones find peace and joy when they come to us.  We will be offering this free service, in addition to free pregnancy tests.  But, we do so much more than this.  We have resources to enrich family life, to answer spiritual questions and build healthy relationships.  Our staff comes together to build others up and support those who gather here.  Come in and join us for coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a nibble of sweet!

A Note From Our Director

New Year and New Life!

At Northwoods New Life Resource Center we have been given so much.  Everything we provide comes through the generosity of our supporters.  We received an ultrasound machine donation last year from LCO.  After much prayer and planning, our Board determined the best option for us was to join an ultrasound consortium.  This is a group that shares a machine and other aspects of the project.  So, we were so thankful to donate the machine given to us to a mission in Haiti.  We know this will be a tool useful to a people who really need it.

We are excited to bring free ultrasounds to those in the Hayward area who would like to see their child in the womb.  Beginning January 16 we will be offering this to families.  We believe that God is the author of life—all of life.  We see babies as made in the image of God—precious to Him and belonging to Him.  So we rejoice with every pregnancy, in whatever circumstance, and desire to nourish families and the unborn. 

We always celebrate life at New Life and pray for everyone a healthy, prosperous andjoyful 2017! 


A Note From Our Director



Not by a long shot.  I wish I had dreamed up the analogy, but it was actually Francis Chan that did.   Since each of us is an eternal being, one end of the rope (above) goes out forever.  The dark segment, at the other end, is our life here on earth.  Everyone has a final destination . . . either in the presence of God or apart from Him.  Sometimes we spend much of our time preoccupied with trivial distractions that mean nothing in the eternal realm.  It is a reminder to consider carefully, as we look at the length of our years, where we are headed.   And are we investing ourselves in the things that really matter?  We, at Northwoods New Life, are doing life together, urging one another on in the pursuit of the lasting Kingdom we were made to experience.  Come join us, whatever your wonder or wherever you find yourself!

A Note From Our Director

Northwoods New Life recently adopted the phrase “Doing Life Together” to remind us of why we exist.  Sometimes we need to reflect and express what a privilege it is to join others on this journey we call life.  It is a delight to get to know those who come in and share their lives with us.  So many we meet have faced huge obstacles and challenges.  But, we see individuals determined to make good decisions one at a time.  We are witnesses of that power to change.  We have seen women give up alcohol for the sake of their unborn child.  Men have decided to switch up the way they budget or relate to their family.  We have clients who question the meaning of things and whose desire it is to figure out what has gone wrong in their lives and how to bring good out of it.  We are proud of each one who opens our door—that is an unselfish sacrifice of time and a commitment to invest in the things that really matter.  We offer huge opportunity to learn through our DVD curriculum and a way to earn essentials, and also those treats that make our days better.  We listen and share sorrows and also many joys.  As Director at New Life, I want to say thank you to those who step into our world as we are doing life together.


A Note From Our Director

Northwoods New Life Resource Center now has its own coffee bar!

We recently adopted a Center motto:  DOING LIFE TOGETHER!  And what better way to do our lives together than over a cup of coffee . . . coupled with a cookie or two!  So, do come in and grab a tea, hot chocolate or coffee with a nibble of sweet.  We enjoy our clients so much . . . come gather with us!

New Life is open:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10 ~ 4:30.


Compass Institute



. . . investing in the things that really matter . . .


The Compass Institute is where learning about real life, personal responsibility and education work together to grow wisdom into successful living.  The Compass Institute offers individualized DVD class options and community experience which culminate in receiving a TRAILHEAD TREK, PINE PASS or TRUE NORTH reward.   Begin the journey and gain the life understanding needed to become discerning and equipped to make decisions that bring personal satisfaction and joy to others.

How do I enroll in The Compass Institute? 

It’s easy!  If you are new, just sign up!  Your Side x Side can help you get started.  If you are a regular client, you can become a student by signing up and using the DVD’s you already viewed to figure out which subject categories you have to complete. 

Do the points I earn still buy things from the Baby Boutique or the Bookshelf Store?

Absolutely yes!  Your points work to buy things as usual.

Are there any changes in the point system once you enroll in the Institute?

Yes.  The Institute requirements are a little more defined.  For example, if you are not enrolled in the Institute, you do not have points deducted if you don’t show up for your appointment.  As an Institute student you will have two points deducted from your running total if you do not let the Center know within two hours of your appointment, and you don’t show up.

What are the DVD choice categories for?

Our Institute puts emphasis on becoming a well-rounded human being.  The categories address the whole person.  Some of the DVD options are for the broad understanding they present, not necessarily for the application specifically to the individual’s present situation. 

Besides the Trailhead Trek, Pine Pass and True North Certificates, what else does an Institute participant receive?

The Certificates themselves are meaningful. They validate all the hard work and persistence the student has shown to become more mature and knowledgeable.  In addition, the Trailhead Trek Certificate comes with $25 worth of Chamber Bucks’ The Pine Pass Certificate comes with $75 worth of Chamber Bucks.  Anyone who reaches True North receives $200 worth of Chamber Bucks.  


Interested?  Come in and see the maps that lead you on this adventure!

A Note From Our Director

Recognize this hat?

It has a pinecone on it and the words “New Life.”  That’s me—off Galveston Bay, Texas.  My son got married last week after thirty-seven years being single.  The Lord blessed us with a wonderful new daughter to cherish.  So, even when I am far from Hayward, my heart takes Northwoods New Life  with me.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have the job of being Director, working with the most amazing people and serving the best clients anywhere!

A Note From Our Director

What a wonderful Northwoods New Life Annual Banquet! 


Thanks to everyone who came to support or gave!  It was a memorable night filled with fun—like giving Marlene the Moose Mentor Award for the most number of years in faithful service as  a Side x Side.  Or rewarding Miranda with the Bethel Bear Award for the most points earned this year.  Emily, one of our Board members related her beautiful story of seeing her now eleven year old son on an ultrasound and making the decision to carry him to birth.  This was the introduction to the announcement that New Life will be getting an ultrasound component this year.  Our client speakers, Ashley and Miranda, were fantastic!  And the introduction of the Compass Institute was made by Yanelis . . . this will be the subject of our next blog.  Judy, our Sidex Side shared why she loves her job!  Over 150 guests gathered together to chat, eat and get better acquainted with what goes on at our Center.  The fundraiser was capped with an unexpected offer of a $.50 matching for each dollar that came in.  It was an event we will all remember and treasure.

A Note From Our Director



If you still think Northwoods New Life Resource Center is all about pregnancy, think again, or better yet attend our banquet on October 13!  It all starts at 6, but the Steakhouse doors open at 5:30.  Come in and see the ongoing slide show of activity at our Center, find out what has been happening this past year, meet our Board, hear from our staff, and best of all:  our Side x Sides and clients!  They give their own stories!  We will have two announcements that no one expects, plus we will be presenting our first ever Bethel Bear award.  You have to see it to believe it!  You are invited—call our Center, text or come in to reserve a spot.  RSVP’s are due by October 1, so don’t miss out on the fun!

A Note From Our Assistant Director

We have had a lot of happenings at the Center lately!  Last Tuesday, September 13th, we were able to participate in the Sawyer County Baby Expo at Northwest Connections Family Resource.  A huge thank you to Emily Wohling for hosting our table and ensuring it’s success.

Just today we received a generous donation of baby food.  We are going to be doing little giveaways with it.  Tomorrow at our Picnic Table get together we will be holding a drawing for a case of the baby food. Every time a client brings in a friend, both the client and guest will receive a case of baby food. 

We just got in another box of pregnancy tests to make sure we don’t run out.  Pregnancy tests are rather expensive at the store and are one of the most stolen items.  Thanks to our generous donors we can offer pregnancy tests for free.  We offer a safe and confidential environment for anyone wanting to come in and take one of the tests.

Our banquet is now less than a month away.  We would appreciate it if anyone interested in attending either send back their RSVPs or contact the Center to let us know you want to join us.  The banquet is on Thursday, October 13th at 5:30 pm.  We have a couple of clients speaking and some exciting announcements on how the Center is moving forward and expanding our mission, we really hope you can be there!