Life Steps Program

Our Life Steps program for men, women and teens provides
for your physical, mental, spiritual, relational, and financial health. 



From the moment you contact us, we seek to listen and understand what you're facing in strict confidence. We won't judge you or tell you what to do. We help assess your current situation, encourage you and chart a path forward to a better future.  


We can help you develop life skills that you may have always wanted. New beginnings are possible. We provide "how to" classes and other instruction on things like parenting, personal finance, and more.

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We help you better understand the difficulties you may be facing -- such as pregnancy, dating relationships, marriage, mom and dad parenting, budgets, and spiritual questions -- so you are equipped with the knowledge necessary to overcome the challenges in your life.



We can help connect you with a community of people who provide additional support, encouragement and friendship! You're not alone. Many people have faced similar circumstances that you find yourself in. If you are a guy, you can meet one-on-one for a man to man talk. Join us once a month for the Picnic Table where you can do a craft, have a snack, and chat with other parents.


Rewards Program
Earn While You Learn 

As a participant in our Life Steps program, you're automatically enrolled in our Earn While You Learn rewards program that allows you to earn "Life Points" as you complete DVD coursework. Life Points can be exchanged for items in our Baby Boutique such as diapers, clothes, baby items, Bibles and more, or date night vouchers that you may use at select businesses in Hayward, Wisconsin.

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Pregnancy Services



We provide self-administered free pregnancy tests which are quick and completely confidential.



We provide free referral services to adoption connections in the event you are unable to care for your child.